Episode 039 – Capt Slade Lerch

Slade Lerch joined the Canadian Armed Forces out of the 2483 PPCLI Army Cadets in Victoria, British Columbia.  Arriving as a new private in November 1986, as a military driver with 11 Service Battalion (now 39 Service Battalion), he decided to make the switch to the Infantry and started that new trade with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada.  In 1988, he then went on to component transfer to the PPCLI in Wainwright, Ablerta.

Having already completed his Basic Para Course, he transferred to the Canadian Airborne Regiment and returned to the PPCLI after three years in Petawawa.

In order to facilitate his commission from the ranks, MCpl Lerch transferred to the Canadian Scottish Regiment to complete is degree and was made a Lieutenant.  With the C Scots, Slade served domestically fighting forest fires in Kelowna, BC.

He returned to the PPCLI as an officer and was promoted to Captain.  His deployments include one tour in Bosnia and three in Afghanistan.

An interesting highlight in his career was that he served as a Private during the 75th Anniversary cerebration of the PPCLI, then served as the Regimental Major during the 100th Anniversary.

Captain Lerch continues to serve with the 3rd Battalion of the PPCLI in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Captain Slade Lerch of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in the mountains of Afghanistan.


In 1988, Private Lerch (centre) joins the PPCLI.


Slade takes part in live-fire training in CFB Petawawa as a member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment.


Slade wears the distinctive maroon beret and jump smock of Canadian Paratroopers.


As a Lieutenant, Slade Carries the Queen’s Colour of the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) in the streets of Victoria, British Columbia.


Slade speaks to local Cub Scouts as part of the Remembrance Day Speaker’s Program.


Captain Lerch poses with his US Army counterpart in Afghanistan.


Major Lerch serves as Aide-de-Camp for the PPCLI Colonel-in-Chief, Madame Adrienne Clarkson for the 100th Anniversary Parade of the Regiment.

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