Episode 024 CWO Mike Lacroix Part I

Chief Warrant Officer Michael Lacroix enlisted in 1988 as a Private in The Toronto Scottish Regiment. He completed his Basic Infantry Reconnaissance, Machine-Gunner and Section Commander’s courses early in his career as an Infantry Soldier. He worked his way up to Sergeant by instructing on countless basic courses and, in 1994, became a full-time Army recruiter. During his first year as a Sergeant he completed his Senior Leaders Course and his Infantry Platoon Second-in-Command Course.

In 1998 CWO Lacroix was promoted to Warrant Officer and became the Company Sergeant Major of A Company, The Toronto Scottish Regiment. Four years later he was a Master Warrant Officer and served as one of twelve Canadian soldiers in the funeral service and procession of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. During this task he met and worked with Senior NCOs from across the Commonwealth. He was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer and appointed Regimental Sergeant Major in 2006, completing his term in May of 2010.

The biggest event of his term as Regimental Sergeant-Major was the planning and execution of the Toronto Scottish Regiment’s move out of Fort York Armoury to the new Captain Hutcheson VC Armoury in southern Etobicoke. It was also during his term that new Colours were presented to the Royal Regiment of Canada and the Toronto Scottish Regiment by HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. After completing his duties in the Toronto Scottish Regiment, CWO Lacroix transferred to 32 CBG HQ and worked on infrastructure and demographics projects.

From January to October, 2011, he was deployed as the Task Force Sergeant-Major of the International Military Advisory & Training Team in Sierra Leone (Operation Sculpture). In Africa he worked as the advisor and mentor to the Forces Sergeant-Major of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, planning and conducting a series of courses in drill instruction, tactics, machine-gun instruction and leadership.  Along with the members of the Canadian Contingent to IMATT, CWO Lacroix aided in the rebuilding of a war-ravaged scout camp and agricultural school.

Since the beginning of 2000, CWO Lacroix has been a Constable with York Regional Police. He was deeply involved in the Joint Forces Anti-Street Racing Initiative, known as Project ERASE, and has worked in Uniform Patrol, District Criminal Investigations and the Traffic Bureau.  He has achieved accreditation as a Commercial Vehicle Inspector and as a Drug Recognition Evaluator.  He is currently employed as a Use of Force Trainer with the Training and Education Bureau of York Regional Police.  Chief Warrant Officer Lacroix is married to Gillian, has two sons, Kieran and Aidan, and lives in Barrie, Ontario.


Cpl Mike Lacroix on the C-9 covering the movement of the Company from the Landing Zone of the Chinook (that’s why there are soldiers with no hats on!) in Meaford.  Recognizable A Company members include Pte Brad Stapleton, Cpl Steve Bertrand, Sgt Drew Gilmour and Sgt Victor Ceni.


The Raid in Meaford is over, so let’s buzz the CN Tower with the Ramp down on the way back to Fort York Armoury.


May 4, 1996 – It’s great to be a Sergeant in the Toronto Scottish Regiment!


Mike Lacroix and David Hensman on the Browning .50 Cal Heavy Machine-Gun


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