Episode 023 Sgt Tristan Bankasingh

Tristan O’Neil Bankasingh, the son of Jamaican parents, was born in Etobicoke, Ontario. Deciding to take a career path different than other members of his family, he enrolled in the Canadian Forces after completing high school and was sworn-in as an artilleryman on October 21, 2004 at Moss Park Armoury. He completed his basic training in the spring of 2005 and finished within the top three of his class. After completion of his DP1 Artillery course in the summer 2005, Tristan was posted within 9 Battery of 7th Toronto Regiment, RCA. While serving in 9 Bty as a gunner, Tristan took his Artillery 81mm Mortarman Course in the spring 2006 and graduated as the top student.

Tristan was promoted to Bombardier in November 2006 and he took his PLQ course during the summer of 2007, completing Mods 1-5 before civilian opportunities prevented him from taking the final portion, Mod 6. Nevertheless, Tristan started a long and rewarding career as an instructor within the Canadian Forces. Between fall 2007 and summer 2009, Tristan completed the PLQ, and the Gun Detachment 2i/c courses and served in 15 Bty as a Gun Detachment 2i/c. He was part of the leadership team that assisted in re-rolling 15 Bty as the mortar battery for the first time within 7th Toronto Regiment. On November 2008, he was promoted to Master Bombardier and he was posted back in 9 Bty during the fall of 2009 as the Battery Sigs Sgt along with assisting in the running and managing of the BQ for the battery.

Opportunities to obtain a BA degree within one year drew Tristan to Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia during the fall of 2010. He transferred to 5(B.C.) Field Regiment, RCA and was assigned a dual-role as a Gun Detachment Commander and Artillery Reconnaissance Sergeant for 55 Battery. He also assisted in introducing the 81mm Mortar to the unit’s members by instructing on the unit’s first 81mm Artillery Mortarman Course.  Displaying leadership and integrity, Tristan was promoted to Sergeant on October 2011.

Civilian job opportunities brought Tristan back to Toronto during January 2012 and he transferred back to 7th Toronto Regiment. He was posted in 130 Battery and was appointed Troop Sergeant Major of its Training Troop. This made him responsible for all new members joining the regiment. After a successful year as the TSM of Training Troop, Tristan was moved to 9 Battery and was appointed as the TSM of B Troop in the fall of 2012. He completed his Command Post Technician course during the summer of 2013 was received the Top Candidate award for his excellent performance. He now currently serves in the position of the TSM of A Troop and primarily performs the duties of a Gun Line TSM.

In 2008 at the request of his regiment, Tristan began his involvement with the 105 (Streetsville) RCACC. For his consistent dedication to the cadet corps, Tristan was awarded a unit commendation on December 2013.

Tristan has an Advanced College Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Administration and a BA Degree in International Hotel Management from Royal Roads University. Tristan currently resides in Whitby, Ontario and after a career with the hospitality industry now works with Cutting Edge Inc. as a Financial Referral Agent; assisting personnel of African or Caribbean descent with various solutions of their financial issues.

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Pte Bankasingh with his section on his basic training course.


Gunner Bankasingh; posing with the Canadian Flag before a Regimental Parade.

1st time as a _1

Tristan as a Bombardier; firing the gun as the #1 for the first time.

Section Attack pic on PLQ

Bdr Bankasingh on a short break in between section attacks on his leadership course.

  2 Casings


MBdr Bankasingh winning 2 free drinks after standing up 2 casings during a fire mission.


 Firing the gun as a more experienced Gun Detachment Cmdr.

_MG_6973 (584x730) (2)

As a Sergeant; having a picture in front of the gun before the St. Barbara’s Day Mess Dinner.

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