Episode 022 WO Lise Bourgon

WO Lise Bourgon is an Administrative Clerk by trade and currently holds the rank of Warrant Officer.  Her current appointment is the Unit Sergeant-Major of the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (CFRC) in New Westminster, British Columbia.

She joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1988, joining the Royal Canadian Air Force.  Being an Admin Clerk does not automatically mean that a person will be assigned to their element.  WO Bourgon has worked mainly with Army Units and pan-CF units like the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics (CFSAL) and the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre.

Her first posting was to CFB Borden in Ontario where she completed on-the-job-training in the Base Orderly Room (BOR) awaiting her Qualification Level (QL) 3 Training.  Her QL3 was completed in December 1988 and she was posted to the BOR in Borden, ON.  While at the BOR, she worked in the Records Section, Receive & Dispatch Section and the Release Section. She completed her QL 4 OJT and QL 5 course in 1991 and was promoted to the rank of Cpl in August 1991.

She was posted to CFRC Hamilton, ON in July 1993 where she worked first as a File Manager and later after her appointment to MCpl as the Finance Clerk. In September 1993, she completed the Recruiting Clerk’s Course required to work as a File Manager in a CFRC. On 1 January 1998, she became a Resource Management Support (RMS) Clerk with the amalgamation of the Administrative, Finance and CEP trades. In July 1998, she was posted to her first Reserve Support Staff (RSS) position with 705 Communications Squadron (31 Signals Regiment today) in Hamilton.  She worked in the OR until her posting to CFRC Toronto, ON in July 1999. While in Hamilton, she had the opportunity to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Honours Modern Languages and Linguistics.

At CFRC Toronto, she was the Senior File Manager.  She took the Recruiter’s course in September 1999 and went on to teach the File Manager’s Francophone course in 2000 and as Senior Instructor of the Anglophone course in 2001.  She was also part of the working group to formalize the course and OJT package for the File Managers at CFRCs. In April 2000, she received the Canadian Forces’ Decoration.

She was promoted to Sergeant in June 2002 and posted to her second RSS position as the Chief Clerk (CC) of the Toronto Scottish Regiment (Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother’s Own), Toronto, ON. During this posting, she had the opportunity to teach at CFSAL on the QL 3, 5 and 6 courses during summer tasking and go in the field for the first and only time as CC of 32 Light Infantry Battalion in August 2005. In December 2006, she was presented the Queen Mother’s Silver Dish in recognition for her work as CC for the Toronto Scottish.

She was promoted to her present rank in June 2008 and posted to HMCS Discovery in Vancouver, BC. This was her third RSS posting and her second posting as CC.  She received the Commanding Officer Commendation in March 2011.  She was posted to her current position as Unit Warrant Officer at CFRC Pacific, New Westminster, BC in July 2012.

She is married to Steven Bourgon and has two children and a grand-daughter. Throughout the years, she has been involved in several community organizations such as La Fédération francophone de la Colombie-Britannique, Victoria, BC, Girl Guide and Cub leader in Victoria, BC and Alliston, ON respectively, The Oakville Drama Series as a Costume Designer and backstage help in Oakville, ON, and CFSA Vancouver as Treasurer and Secretary.  She enjoys travelling, reading, sewing, music, walking and hiking.

Lise is a very skilled administrator and knows how to lead her team towards their common goal.

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Pte Bourgon Cornwalis 1988

Pte Bourgon at Cornwalis, NS in 1988

Sgt Bourgon CFSAL 2006

Sgt Bourgon teaching at the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics in 2006.

WO Bourgon Range 2006

Sgt Bourgon receives a weapons handling test prior to the PWT range in 2006.


Sgt Lise Bourgon on Church Parade with the Toronto Scottish Regiment (Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother`s Own).  She`s the one in Blue!

WO Bourgon 2014

WO Lise Bourgon, Unit Warrant Officer of CFRC New Westminster, BC in 2014.

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