Episode 020 Sgt Christopher Murdy

Sergeant Murdy was born in London, Ontario and joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1999.  He follows his Great Uncle Morris Murdy, a WWII signaler who served in the Italian Campaign, as the last known serving member in the family.  Sergeant Murdy has served exclusively with the 4th Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment.  He joined the military while completing his Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Western Ontario.

Upon completion of his Basic Infantry Qualification, Sergeant Murdy served as a rifleman in Sierra Company and completed his Driver Wheel Course.  This was followed by a 1RCR-led Machine Gun Course, a Small Arms Coaching Course and then it was on to the Junior Leadership Courses.  Sergeant Murdy completed his Junior Leadership Course in 2002, followed by the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer Course.  Promotion to Master Corporal followed in 2003.  It was in this year that Sergeant Murdy completed his Bachelor of Education at the University of Windsor and began employment as an Occasional Teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board.  As a Master Corporal, he was employed within Sierra Company as a Section Commander.  Sergeant Murdy also began to instruct on a series of military courses periodically for the next several years.  In 2004, he completed his Section Commander Qualification course and was subsequently promoted to Sergeant.

In 2006, Sergeant Murdy was selected for a Section Commander position for the Force Protection Platoon of the National Support Element, for Task Force 3-06 deploying to Afghanistan.  By August of that year, the role had changed to Convoy Escort Commander and the task was now to command and escort ground convoys travelling within the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan.  Throughout the six-month deployment, he faced several encounters with enemy forces and survived a direct hit to his RG31 from a vehicle-borne IED.  On one unique patrol, he and his team faced an IED, two minefields, a mortar attack, a linear ambush and a vehicle roll-over that resulted in a seven-hour cordon operation.  This was an extremely demanding patrol that lasted well over 24 hours, testing the endurance and composure of everyone involved.  After demonstrating exemplary leadership in the face of multiple enemy actions directed toward their convoy, Sergeant Murdy was awarded with a Mention in Despatches.

Upon return to Canada, Sergeant Murdy returned to Sierra Company and was tasked as a Section Commander and Acting Platoon 2IC.  He completed the Observer Controller Course and was employed in a variety of Operations and Training Positions both within the Battalion and at 31 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters and Battle School.  In 2010 he completed his Dismounted Platoon Second-In-Command Course and the following year the Intermediate Leadership Program course, qualifying him to the rank of Warrant Officer.  He also completed the Military First-Aid Instructor Course as well.  In 2011, Sergeant Murdy assumed the position of the Regimental Quartermaster and has been employed on class B contract service since then.  In March of 2013, he was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer, though while he is employed as the Regimental Quartermaster, his class B position contract has him limited to the rank of Sergeant.

Sergeant Murdy is married to Melissa Murdy and together they have a daughter named Kayla.  They continue to reside in London.

If you are visiting London, Ontario, please take the time to visit the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum.

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1-1 Before leaving for Britain

Sgt Christopher Murdy, RQMS 4RCR.

QL3 i

Private Murdy learning to dig a trench on Qualification Level 3 Infantry.

C3 Familiarization e

A familiarization shoot with the C3 sniper rifle.

5-4 Halfway down the mountain 5-8 Sgt Murdy in the ravine

Sgt Murdy on patrol in the UK.

Ex Maple Lightning 2004 Texas q

Exercise Maple Lightning in Texas, 2004.


Sgt Murdy on Spervan Ghar, in Afghanistan.


Convoy Commander in the RG31.

4c Me in the Panjiwai

Chris visits the Panjiwai.

Tarnak farms 7

Tarnak Farms in Afghanistan with the RG31.

Parade 4

The Regimental Colours of the 4th Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment, about to be consecrated.

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