Episode 008 CWO Kevin West

Today’s Interview is with the Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer, Kevin West, MMM, MSM, CD.  Kevin’s CF Bio can be found at this Link.  Kevin served in the Naval Reserve, then transferred to the regular force in the Royal Canadian Navy.  After a period of five years, he transferred again to the Royal Canadian Air Force, where he worked his way towards the pinnacle of the Non-Commissioned Member corps as the CF CWO.

He also was vital to providing leadership to the members of 8 Wing Trenton during some very troubling days.  While he was focused on the welfare of the members of the base, he realized that he needed support from his own troops; specifically Sgt Gilbert Laxamana.

During the opener, I mentioned the website known as SOMNIA.  Please check it out for Canadian and International Military News and History.

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