Episode 006 Capt Shannon Tyrrell Part 1

This episode is the first episode with a soldier from the Canadian Forces Health Services and a member of the Canadian Armed Forces not from the Combat Arms.  Capt Tyrrell started her career as a Non-Commissioned Member  in 25 Medical Company which has since grown to become 25 Field Ambulance.  Shannon developed as a junior leader as Medic, then became a Warrant Officer.  A decision point was reached when Shannon had to choose between developing as a Medic Warrant Officer or continue to parallel her civilian qualifications as an Emergency Nurse with the Forces.  She took her commission with the Field Ambulance and progressed from the rank of Lieutenant to the rank of Captain.

Capt Tyrrell has served in Guatemala and volunteered as a nurse in the post-earthquake ravaged Haiti.  She has also earned her Qualification as an Air Medivac Instructor.

One of the memorable characters that Capt Tyrrell goes on to describe is Cpl Lui from 25 Field Ambulance.  Due to the patience and dedication of his instructors, Cpl Lui went on to found a leadership group known as Monticle.

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