Episode 052 – Col Kevin Cameron

Colonel (Ret’d) Kevin Cameron joined the Canadian Forces in 1989 under the Officer Candidate Training Plan (OCTP), was commissioned into The Royal Canadian Regiment (The RCR) and posted to 3rd Battalion, The RCR at Canadian Force Base (CFB) Baden-Solingen, Germany.  During his two years with 3 RCR Germany, he deployed to Croatia and Sarajevo in 1992.

Upon return from the Former Yugoslavia, and with the close-out of CFB Baden-Solingen in 1993, he was posted to 2nd Battalion, The RCR at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick where he served as the Battalion Intelligence Officer and Assistant Adjutant before being posted as the Regular Force Support Officer to 2nd Battalion, The Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton) in Sydney in 1995.

In 1997, after specializing in Parachute Operations, Kevin was posted back to 3 RCR, which by then had been re-roled as a Light Infantry Battalion at CFB Petawawa, Ontario.  While in 3 RCR from 1997 to 2003, he was employed in various key staff and command roles.  Promoted to the rank of Major in 2000, he finished this span of six years as Officer Commanding Parachute Company.  Also during this timeframe, he was deployed to Ice Storm 98, completed two more overseas operational tours of duty in Bosnia, and commanded Parachute Company in a security role during the G8 Summit in 2002.

In 2003, the Army sent Kevin to the University of Ottawa for educational enhancement, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science & Psychology in 2004.  He was then posted to the Canadian Forces College in Toronto for two years; the first year as staff, and during the second year he undertook and graduated from the Canadian Forces Command and Staff Course.  Upon graduation, he was posted to the Directorate of Land Strategic Planning in the Land Staff (Army Headquarters) in Ottawa.  During his first year with the Land Staff he was employed as a strategic planner before being promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in 2007 and assuming command of the Strategic Plans branch within that directorate.

In 2008, Kevin was posted back to CFB Petawawa, first to the position of Chief of Staff 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, then in 2009 he assumed command of 3rd Battalion, The RCR.  As Battalion Commander, he prepared his sub-units for deployment to Afghanistan and led the 3 RCR Battalion Group as the primary security unit for the G8/G20 Summits in 2010.

Following Battalion command, he was appointed J3/G3 JTFC/LFCA (now the 4th Canadian Division/JTFC) in Toronto. Promoted to his current rank in May 2014, he was immediately deployed to Op REASSURANCE (Ukraine/Crimea) as a Senior Strategic Planner at SHAPE Belgium, and upon redeployment in September 2014, he assumed the appointment of Chief of Staff 4th Canadian Division.

After close to 26 years of service, Kevin retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in June 2015 to pursue a civilian career path as Director of the Military Employment Transition (MET) Program at Canada Company. He brings with him vast experience within the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as substantial professional relationships within both the private and government sectors.  As Director of MET he will further develop and advance the strategic vision and campaign plan for MET.  He is superbly well-positioned to collaborate with corporate partners and work with government agencies in order to enable transitioning CAF members as they embark on their post-service career path.



Colonel Kevin Cameron, CD


Colonel Cameron at the steps of the Vimy Memorial.


Kevin Cameron is promoted to the rank of Colonel by a fellow Royal Canadian; Brigadier General Omer Lavoie at the 4th Canadian Division Headquarters.

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