Episode 046 – WO Glen Moore

WO Glen Moore (Ret’d) CD joined The Royal Regiment of Canada in October 1981.

He completed Recruit, Basic and TQ1 Infantry courses and attended MilCon in the Summer of 1982 as a fully trained Private.  He was promoted to Corporal in the Fall of 1982 and over the course of the next couple of years he passed the TQ2 Smalls Arms Instructor and TQ2 Communications Courses.  Concurrently he was chosen to be a member of the Pioneer Platoon and participated in numerous commemorations and parades.  He achieved the Rank of Pioneer Sergeant which was an honor and he enjoyed very much.

In 1984 he passed the Junior NCO Course and also participated in the Sesquicentennial Guard during the Summer.  In 1985 he was promoted to the rank of Master Corporal. He then taught Recruit, Basic, TQ1 Infantry, Small Arms, Communications and Junior Courses as a Section Commander both within The Royal Regiment of Canada and in Toronto Militia District.  In 1986 he passed the TQ3 Infantry Course which was conducted at CFB Aldershot, Nova Scotia. In 1987 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant while performing duties as a Platoon Second in Command while also being the Pioneer Sergeant on Regimental Ceremonial parades.

In 1992 he passed the Senior Leaders Course which was conducted at CFB Downsview, Toronto. In 1993 he was awarded the Canadian Forces’ Decoration for 12 years of continuous service. In 1994 and 1995 he attended Exercise Southern Drive at Camp Blanding, Florida, USA.  Also in 1995, he passed the First Regular Force Standard QL6B Warrant Officers Infantry Course at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick.  In the Summer of 1993 he participated in the filming of the CBC’s Two Part Mini Series Dieppe.

He was promoted to Warrant Officer in the Winter of 1995.  In 1996 he was chosen as the winner of the LCol Bell, CD Trophy for the Most Proficient Senior NCO.  He then passed on the duties of Pioneer Sergeant while still carrying on the Regimental duties of Platoon Second in Command, Transport NCO, Company Quarter Master and Company Sergeant Major.  He also instructed a Senior Leaders course.  In 1998 he performed the duties as the 32 Canadian Brigade Group Company Quarter Master during The Ice Storm where he was deployed to Hawkesbury, Ontario.  He retired a year later in the beginning of 1999. After retirement he continued to attend Regimental parades and functions.

In 2007 he joined The Royal Regiment of Canada Association where since then he has performed the duties of Director, Secretary, Sergeant of Arms, Vice President and President. He’s currently performing the duties of Vice President as well as Webmaster for the Association’s website and Facebook page.

He was the Commander of The Association’s marching contingent during the last 4 years at the CNE Warriors’ Day Parade.   On that parade, in 2013 they placed Third and 2015 they placed First as well as won the Canon Scott Trophy for Veteran Marching Formations of 15 or less.  He’s been responsible for the success of The Operation Support The Troops Coffee and Donuts events for when the troops come back from field exercises, organizing Small Arms Trainer nights, Veterans Concerns Committees and has also helped and volunteered at Sunnybrook Hospital K-Wing Blythwood Social Club to serve the Veterans who live and stay at the hospital.

Glen has had recent successes by participating and completing the 4 Day Nijmegen (4 x 50 KM = 200 KM) March for the last 3 years in a row and received a medal and a certificate.  This year he received a certificate of participation when he was selected by The Nijmegen 4 Day March Organization and Sunset March Team to be the Veteran of the Day to participate and lead the Lights Crossing over the City of Nijmegen New Bridge called De Oversteek which is a nightly ceremony to honor the lives of the 48 members of the 506 PIR from the US 82nd Division who lost their lives crossing the Waal River during Operation Market Garden on Sept 20th 1944.

WO Moore (Ret’d) is employed with Cadillac Fairview as a Network Engineer. He’s an avid walker, enjoys ice skating, classic rock music, travel, attending sporting events, friends and family.


Glen Moore in his role as a Pioneer Lance Corporal posting the guard with the Royal Regiment of Canada.


Glen Moore’s 1st Nijmegen 4 Day March (4 x 50 KM = 200 KM) July 2013.  He received the Gladioli Flowers and 1st Year Medal.


Cpl Glen Moore on his TQ3 Infantry in Aldershot (1983) with Nick Webb and others.


Glen Moore assigned as aPioneer Private during an early 80’s Sorrel Day Parade with The Royal Regiment of Canada.


Glen Moore, in his Royal Regiment of Canada Association blazer and tie, outside BMO Field before a TFC game on D-Day 6 June a few years ago.


The Royal Regiment of Canada Warrant Officers’ & Sergeants’ Mess Birthday Dinner 2009 with Nick Webb.


WO Moore marches ahead of the group during the completion of the 3rd Nijmegen 4 Day March (4 x 50 KM = 200 KM).   He was selected as the Veteran by the Nijmegen 4 Day March Organization & Sunset March Team to lead the Lights Crossing across the City of Nijmegen New Bridge “De Oversteek” to honor the lives of the 48 soldiers of the 506 PIR from the US 82nd Division who lost their lives there while crossing the Waal River during Operation Market Garden on September 20th 1944.


The Royal Regiment of Canada Association CNE Warriors Day Parade August 2015.


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