Episode 045 – LGen Peter Develin

Lieutenant General Peter John Devlin CMM, MSC, CD was a senior officer in the Canadian Army and is currently President of Fanshawe College. He served as Commander of the Canadian Army from 2010 to 2013.

Educated at the University of Western Ontario, Peter Devlin was commissioned into The Royal Canadian Regiment, having joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1978. He served in an operational role in Cyprus between 1984 and 1985 and in the Former Yugoslavia in 1992.

He commanded from the platoon to Army level, most notably commanding 1st Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment, 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group and the Canadian Army.  He has several operational tours including UN, NATO and Coalition missions in Cyprus, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.  He served with the International Security Assistance Force as Commander of the Kabul Multinational Brigade in Afghanistan from 2003 to 2004.  He was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross in 2004 as well as Orders of Military Merit from the United States, Brazil and Colombia for international leadership and encouraging collaboration.

Peter Devlin was appointed to Commander of the Canadian Order of Military Merit in 2010 and retired in August 2013 at the rank of Lieutenant General. Peter Devlin received an undergraduate degree in Honours Economics from Western University, a graduate degree in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College and a certificate in Advanced Executive Management from Queen’s University. He has also studied at Command and Staff Colleges of the Canadian Defence Academy.

Peter Devlin currently serves as the 5th President of Fanshawe College in London, Canada.  That appointment was effective as of 3 September 2013.

Peter has been married for 29 years, and together he and his wife Judy have four children.

Devlin Retirement

Lieutenant General Peter John Devlin CMM, MSC, CD, Commander of the Canadian Army from 2010 to 2013.


Cyprus – Lt Devlin, a Platoon Commander in 1RCR, in the Joint Operations Centre, Cyprus 1984

Balkans 1992

Balkans – Maj Devlin, OC November Company 3 RCR, in his M113 Command Post, Balkans 1992

9er Tac Bosnia 1998

Balkans – Maj Devlin, OC November Company 3 RCR, in his M113 Command Post, Balkans 1992

CoC Kabul 2003

CoC Kabul – BGen Devlin, Commander 2 CMBG, taking command of the Kabul Multinational Brigade in Kabul, Afghanistan 2003.  The was NATO’s first out of area operation.

English/Anglais AR2011-0143- May 09 2011 Panjwa’i District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan Lieutenant General Peter Devlin visit to the Folad School. He is sitting in one of the class rooms that the local Afghan Children attend.                                                                                             Lieutenant General Peter Devlin Chief of the Land Staff and the Army Regimental Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Giovanni Moretti visit the Canadian troops deployed to southern Afghanistan.  They took that opportunity to highlight the work the Canadian Army has done, and to receive feedback from the troops.  Task Force Kandahar will continue robust security operations in conjunction with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Afghan National Security Forces, and its coalition and civilian partners in order to eliminate insurgent violence and set the conditions for successful and sustainable governance, development and peace in southern Afghanistan.  Photo by Cpl. Tina Gillies, Image Tech, Roto 10, Task Force Kandahar, Afghanistan. © 2011, DND/MDN, Canada.

Task Force Kabul Roto 10 – LGen Devlin, Commander Canadian Army, in a school renovated by Canadian soldiers in Kandahar, Afghanistan 2010.


Lieutenant-General Peter Devlin, as Commander of Canada’s Army, with Chief Warrant Officer Giovanni Moretti formally appoint Mr. Blake C. Goldring as the Honorary Colonel of the Army at a ceremony in March of 2011 at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.


Lieutenant-General Devlin with Chief Warrant Officer Mike Hornbrook, near the end of his term as the Army Commander, in the Summer of 2013.

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