Episode 017 Col R.G. (Geordie) Elms

Geordie Elms was born in Toronto. In 1967 he followed his grandfather and father into the ranks of the 48th Highlanders of Canada when he joined as a piper. He served with the Pipes and Drums until 1972 when he applied to become an officer under the Reserve Officer
University Training Plan (ROUTP).

He transferred to the Regular Force, joining 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. As an RCR officer he has served on regimental duty with the 2nd and 3rd Battalions, The Royal Canadian Regiment in Petawawa, Germany, Winnipeg and Gagetown. He has also served on
operations/peacekeeping duties in Cyprus (76-77), Lebanon and Israel (83-85), Afghanistan and Pakistan (88-89) and Bosnia (92-93) In 2000 he was appointed Commanding Officer of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada in Hamilton.

In 2003 he was posted as Canadian Defence Advisor (Attaché) to the Canadian High Commission in Pakistan and cross- accredited as Canadian Defence Attaché to the Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan. In 2006 he was selected to open the first resident Canadian Defence Attaché Office in Kabul, Afghanistan. His final Regular Force appointment was as Canadian Defence Attaché to Israel (2008-2010).

Colonel Elms was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for service in South West Asia (2008) and Chief of Defence Staff Commendations for meritorious service in Beirut (1985) and during the Pakistan Earthquake (2005). He was awarded by the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs for service as part of the “Gaza Evacuation Team” in organizing the evacuation of Canadians during the Israeli operations in the Gaza Strip January (2009).

In December 2010 after 43 years in uniform (the same as his father and grandfather) Colonel
Elms retired, and with his wife Shirley and ‘Naik the Wonder Dog” and returned home to
Canada where he and Shirley divide their time between their home in Dundas and their cottage in Haliburton. On 23 January 2012 he was honored after 37 years to officially return to service in the uniform of the 48th Highlanders as the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel.

He owns operates SAGE Analysis and Insight Canada – a boutique security consultancy specializing in cross-cultural and open source intelligence analysis. A member of the Honorary
Advisory Committee of the Peace Through Valour organization, The Royal Canadian Military
Institute and the Royal Canadian Legion, Colonel Elms also serves as Special Advisor on Military on Military Heritage and Protocol to the Mayor of Hamilton and is active in the associations of all three of his regiments.

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1971Piper Elms

Young Piper Elms of the 48th Highlanders in 1967

1977 Geordie First UN Medal Cyprus

In 1977, Capt Elms received his first medal for service in Cyprus on Op Snowgoose.

1979 Elms 3 Generations Dad's last day 11 Nov 79jpg

Three Generations of serving Elms family members on 11 November 1979.

1987 WinterExShilo3RCR

Winter Ex in Shilo with 3RCR in 1987.

1988 with ANA(PDA) Soldiers Herat

In 1988 in Afghanistan, working with the ANA.

1988Maj G Elms Kabul AIrport

Maj Elms postcard from the Kabul Airport.


Two pictures from Op Hayratan with the UN in 1989.

2002 Argyll Presentation of Colours Oct 2002 Reporting_to_HM

LCol Elms on parade with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada

Canadian Relief lands in Pakistan

LCol Elms supervising relief supplies arriving in Pakistan in 2005.

2006 RGE AFGH HEL 2006Argyll Offrs Kabul

Argyll Officers serving in Afghanistan in 2006.

Visit of HEGG Michaelle Jean to Kabul

The Governor General visits Kabul in 2006.

2007 Geordie at Pak Afg Border Chaman

The Pakistan/Afghanistan border in 2007.

2009 Gaza Crossing

In 2009, Col Elms visits the Gaza border crossing.


In 2009, Col Elms was presented the MSM.

CDS - Northern Command - Visit to Israel 2009

The CDS visits Israel in 2010.


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