Episode 015 WO2 Sam Magee Part 2

In Part 2, Sam leaves the mountains and training environment of Montana and heads off to Europe where he comes face-to-face with the Foe.  He used raw guts and trickery to convince a platoon of Germans to surrender to Sam and his wounded fire team partner.  On his way back, he stops to rescue three soldiers that had been pinned down by the very platoon he had captured.

Sam goes on to describe his peace-time service with the Royal Canadian Regiment and his dedication to the Airborne.

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Sam is always proud to represent the 1st Special Service Force at reunions.


Cpl Sam Magee, wearing his US Jump Wings, earned with the 1st SSF


Sgt Sam Magee, Airborne Paratrooper


The unofficial insignia of the 1st SSF


Sgt Sam Magee of the Royal Canadian Regiment


Sam, dedicated to physical fitness




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