Episode 013 BGen Fred Lewis

Welcome Back and Happy New Year.  This episode follows a short break which gave me an opportunity to get caught up and also rest a bit.

I am very pleased to have been able to interview Brigadier General Fred Lewis, who has recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after a career that spanned over thirty years.  General Lewis is an inspiring leader who always knew and spoke of the value of military families.  As a military Engineer and Combat Diver, he has had the ability to deploy and serve in many of the world’s hot-spots.  I am certain that you’ll enjoy this episode.

I am going to put out a little bit of a challenge for you; please email me at mikelacroixcmhp@gmail.com with the comments made by the guests of the podcast that really stand out most to you.  In June, I will compile a “Best of Season One” type of episode that will re-visit those themes and those messages.  I am not going to give you categories, so please come up with a category yourself when you make your suggestion.

I would like to thank Scott Gardener and Chris Honeywell, the Two True Freaks, for prompting me to produce a promo for the show which they have offered to play on an upcoming podcast.  You can find the Freaks at www.twotruefreaks.com for their shows about movies, Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Star Wars, Comics, Disney and much more.

I am also looking for feedback from you about the show and also about the promo.  Please take a moment and let me know what you think by email or on Facebook.

I hope that you are all as excited about the second part of season one as I am!

Thanks for Listening!

Mike Lacroix

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A Military Family in Soest GE circa 1965

A Military Family in Soest Germany, Circa 1965.

Diving Cherbourg Normandy Coast 83

Diving in Cherbourg off the Normandy Coast in 1983.

UNSTO OP 1988 when alcohol rules were slightly more relaxed

UNSTO OP in 1988 when alcohol rules were slightly more relaxed.

Bosnia Iltis Sqn Comd UNPROFOR 1994

Major Fred Lewis as a Squadron Commander in front of his UNPROFOR Iltis in 1994.

Senior Tech Advisor Cambodia Mine Action Centre 1999 … note the self designed uniforms!

Fred Lewis as the senior technical advisor to the Cambodia Mine Action Centre in 1999 with self-designed uniforms.

Col Lewis FA JTF-AFG DComd -Afghanistan 2006 the DComd is looking a little tired

Colonel Lewis looking very tired as the Deputy Commander of Joint Task-Force Afghanistan in 2006.

The family at my first MSM presentation, this one for Afghanistan; a second one would come later for OP PROTEUS


Colonel Lewis and his family at the presentation of his MSM earned while serving in Afghanistan.



OP PROTEUS doing security sector reform with the Palestinians 2009

Op Proteus doing security sector reform with the Palestinians in 2009.

2012 two weeks before retirement, my last parachute jump with my driver Cpl Steph Delov

Brigadier General Lewis gearing up with his driver, Corporal Steph, for his last jump in 2012, just before his retirement.  Oh, don’t let Sharon find out!

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